Top White House Officials Convene All-Star Female Students for Candid Talk on Women in STEM | The White House

Top White House Officials Convene All-Star Female Students for Candid Talk on Women in STEM | The White House.


Women of Yesteryear, Thank You

A Writer's Purpose

When my mom was in junior high in the mid 1970s, girls weren’t allowed to take shop class, while boys were allowed to learn how to cook and sew in home economics. My mom challenged her school’s policy and thanks to her, ninth grade girls were operating power tools at her school in 1975.

More than two decades later it was a requirement for all students to take shop when I was in junior high. Thanks, Mom (it’s kind of ironic you ended up married to a shop teacher).

I recently watched an episode of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, a PBS series that highlights the women in recent past who yelled, who fought and who went against the “rules” to give today’s women the freedoms we enjoy. Freedoms I admit, I take for granted.

It’s important to be reminded of where women were not too long ago. The…

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Ellen Page: “Why Are People So Reluctant to Say They’re Feminists?”


Ellen Page: “Why Are People So Reluctant to Say They’re Feminists?”

“But in America, where certain politicians have about as much understanding of the realities of women’s biology and contraceptive needs as a dung beetle, the issue of how much control a woman is allowed to have over her own body remains anachronistically fraught.”

 This article about an interview with Ellen Page was supposed to talk about her upcoming film but instead (and more interestingly) focuses on her role as an outspoken feminist and advocate for equal rights.  Originally from Canada, Ellen Page fearlessly maintains her convictions with regards to political subjects that can sometimes be taboo in the USA–most notably, women’s reproductive health. 

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The Queen of England Is Officially More Progressive Than The G.O.P.

Her Majesty, who has seen and been a part of humanitarian efforts for so long, had to make this decision. Besides, she has Corgi’s and that also makes her cool. LLTQ.

Left and Center

Trooping the Colour, 16th June 2007

England and Wales join the fifteen states (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Uruguay) who have all passed comprehensive legislation allowing gay couples to marry. And the best part is that the Queen is totally cool with it:

LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II gave final approval Wednesday to Britain’s controversial same-sex marriage bill, bestowing her royal assent as is common to all new laws.

The measure passed its final legislative hurdle on Tuesday when the House of Commons approved the bill allowing same-sex couples to marry in religious and civil ceremonies.

The announcement in the House of Commons of the queen’s action prompted cheers from lawmakers.

Previously, gay and lesbian couples could enter into “civil partnerships” in Britain that carry almost the same rights as marriage. About 50,000 partnerships have been registered since 2005.

Interestingly enough, the bill…

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Should Oral Sex Be a Crime?

Oh my, someone tell Michael Douglas!!!

A Celebration of Reading

My news feed this morning started with a major scare that Time’s arrow actually was turning backwards. I read that the state of Virginia may make all oral and anal sex illegal. I took a while to compose myself and enjoy a fried egg sandwich before I read the details of this shocker.

oral sex

First, it isn’t the state of Virginia that wants to make any form of sex that won’t lead to more babies (often unwanted) but it was only the Republican contender for governor of the state that was advocating the criminalization of oral and anal sex. Please note the irony: he also campaigns on the value of less government in our lives, less regulation, and more personal freedom to thrive on our downward slide on one of the greatest transfers of wealth the world has ever known.

Of course the re-criminalization of sodomy doesn’t have anything to do with…

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