Women of Yesteryear, Thank You

A Writer's Purpose

When my mom was in junior high in the mid 1970s, girls weren’t allowed to take shop class, while boys were allowed to learn how to cook and sew in home economics. My mom challenged her school’s policy and thanks to her, ninth grade girls were operating power tools at her school in 1975.

More than two decades later it was a requirement for all students to take shop when I was in junior high. Thanks, Mom (it’s kind of ironic you ended up married to a shop teacher).

I recently watched an episode of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, a PBS series that highlights the women in recent past who yelled, who fought and who went against the “rules” to give today’s women the freedoms we enjoy. Freedoms I admit, I take for granted.

It’s important to be reminded of where women were not too long ago. The…

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